Keep vulnerable loved ones, safe at home, safe away from home with Oysta

24 hours a day. 7 days a week

The ones you care about are connected 24/7 providing reassurance as and when you need it. 

Anytime, anywhere

Whatever your lifestyle it works anywhere, in the house, in the garden, out and about all around the UK!

Best choice & expert advice

Our experts take care of everything. Our fully managed service means exactly that – we do it all.

How it works

WPressing the SOS button will open a hands-free voice call in loudspeaker mode, If monitored you will hear an agents voice from the 24×7 monitoring centre. If your device is self-monitored your chosen contact will be called and your location provided to them, so they know where you are.

How it works:

With a vulnerable independent person (VIP) carrying their Personal Device, alerts are triggered when

  • The SOS button is pressed
  • Fall-Sensor Alarm is triggered
  • Safety Zone is breached
  • A Reminder is missed

The telecare device sends real-time information to our IntelliCare platform. Which records the location and passes on the alerts to the right people. Your location and problem are sent via our IntelliCare platform either to your pre-chosen contacts or the 24/7 Monitoring Centre.

A Monitoring Agent can immediately assess the situation, speak to you and coordinate help from the right people, your family or carers or an emergency response if necessary