Help Anywhere Product




The Vital Specifics

Works everywhere, with a roaming SIM that uses all UK mobile networks (clever!) and an extra powerful GPS module (the police use our service). GPS is used for checking location, finding users in emergencies, and alerting if a user has wandered in and out of preset zones.

Two way speech with very loud speaker and auto-answer so a conversation can be had even if the user cannot press any buttons.

Extra big one touch SOS button – easy press for getting help.

Excellent fall sensor and algorithm minimising false alarms.

Screen so that welfare checks and medical reminders can be seen and heard by the user. Users simply confirm they are OK, or an alert can be triggered if it’s something vital that has not been confirmed.

Four speed dial buttons that can be set remotely to dial ant number, Is that a partner, a carer, or another family member?

Low batter alerts – vital if the user is a bit forgetful

Remote configuration over the mobile network so it can br customised for each user

Additional information:

Weight 70g

Dimensions: 85 * 44 * 16


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