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£149 + Monthly Service Fee

The Oysta Pearl+ is a compact, streamlined version of a mobile phone. The Oysta Pearl+ can be carried in a pocket, on a keyring, or on a lanyard. When a fall is detected, it will automatically activate an SOS alert which will notify a chosen contact or if you opt for monitoring; an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC.) An SOS alert can also be manually requested by the SOS button on the Oysta Pearl + and will also go through to the ARC or chosen contact.

Our Oysta Pearl + provides peace of mind to Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs) so that they can remain independent and safe when they are outside of the home, and their care circle stays informed and available at a push of a button.

Should you choose a ‘Monitoring’ option, SOS calls will go to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) which will help the VIP or guide emergency services to their location.

Should you choose a ‘Self-Monitoring’ option,  calls will go to a designated contact who can use our IntelliCare™ platform (access included in the price) to locate the VIP.

Oysta Pearl+ is ideal for…

  • Active VIPs who would like a safety net in place when they are out
  • Active VIPs that have started to experience memory loss/disorientation and may need locating
  • VIPs who would benefit from a simplistic device design
  • VIPs with visual impairments; the Pearl + has seven distinguishable buttons with braille on them.

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The Pearl+ is a compact, streamlined version of a mobile phone.

Our Pearl + provides peace of mind to VIPs that they can remain independent and safe when they are outside of the home, and their care circle stays informed and available at a push of a button.

Benefits to Family Members and Carers (the Care Circle)

  • Fall Detection – Should the VIP have a fall, it will automatically connect them to their chosen contact or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC.)
  • Location Updates – You can see on IntelliCare, where your VIP is located so if they need help, you can guide them directly to their location.
  • Safe Zones are areas where the VIP is likely to travel. Should the VIP travel outside those safe zones anytime, or during specific times, of the day or night, a care alert is triggered.
  • WeatherWatch notifies the care circle if the VIP is outside after dark or in extreme weather conditions. You can conduct a welfare check before problems occur, and if needed, guide them home using the location feature on IntelliCare.
  • Reminder Messages can be pre-set, flashing up on the Pearl+ display screen to remind the VIP to take medication.
  • Whitelist of Contacts – Only authorised callers from the care circle can contact the Oysta Pearl +which eliminates spam calls to the VIP. The whitelist can be changed at any time to add/remove contacts.
  • Status Alerts – Through IntelliCare, you’ll be notified if your VIP’s device is switched on/ off, has a low battery or if there has been ‘no activity’, indicating that the device has not been worn or used.
  • Four-day Battery Life – Once the Pearl+ is charged, the device should remain with power for up to 4 days depending on settings and usage.

Benefits for Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs)

  • One Touch SOS Button – When the VIP is in distress or simply needs peace of mind, they can press the discreet, SOS button. The Oysta Pearl +connects the VIP to their chosen emergency contact or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and makes a hands-free, two-way voice call.
  • Fall Detection – In the event of a fall, an SOS call is automatically activated.
  • Two-way Voice Calls – The Pearl +has a loudspeaker and a sensitive microphone to allow clear voice communication to help.
  • Audio Reminders – When the device has a low battery, the Oysta Pearl + prompts the VIP to charge the device.
  • Auto Answer – Calls are automatically answered when received on the Oysta Pearl +. No need to press a button, saving time and effort in an emergency or a welfare check situation.

What is IntelliCare™?

When you purchase the Oysta Pearl +, you can opt to have access to IntelliCare™. IntelliCare is a smart cloud-based platform that shows connected devices such as the Oysta Pearl + in a secure dashboard.

You can log in via your phone or internet browser at any time and see a real-time reflection of your loved one’s activity and location. You can see if they have been moving less/more than usual and when they are out, you are able to zoom in and see exactly what road they are on or if they are simply at home.

From within IntelliCare, safe zones (a highlighted radius on a map) can be configured so that you also receive a notification if they leave their normal zone of activity, e.g. if you have a wandering loved one, you’d be notified if they go outside that zone, you could then locate them and call them through the Oysta Pearl + to check they are okay or help direct them back.

Even if you opt for the monitoring service, you will receive notifications if your VIP:

  • Activates the SOS button
  • Has a fall
  • Has left their safe zone
  • Is outside in cold weather or out after dark
  • Needs to charge their device.

Buy now for peace of mind that your vulnerable loved one has a safety net and you can stay informed on their wellbeing without being seen as intrusive.

Additional information

Weight 74 g
Dimensions 92 × 44 × 17.9 mm
Monthly Service

With Monitoring, Without Monitoring

What's Included?

Comes with Oysta Pearl +, charger, lanyard and user guide


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