Oysta Watch

£149 + Monthly Service Fee

Our most compact Personal Device with all the smarts packed in to a wristwatch.  The most convenient way of always carrying your Personal Device with you at home and when out and about. You won’t forget it if its already on your wrist! And it tells the time!!


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The Vital Specifics

Works everywhere, with a roaming SIM that uses all UK mobile networks (clever!) and an extra powerful GPS module (the police use our service).  GPS is used for checking location, finding users in emergencies, and alerting if a user has wandered in and out of preset zones.

Two way speech with very loud speaker and auto-answer so a conversation can be had even if the user cannot press any buttons.

Low battery alerts – vital if the user is a bit forgetful

Remote configuration over the mobile network so it can be customised for each user

Additional information

Weight 58 g
Dimensions 38 × 35 × 15 mm

Monthly Service With Monitoring, Monthly Service Without Monitoring


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