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Choose your Personal Alarm Service Package

With your device, you need a service package.

The personal alarm you want to purchase for your vulnerable loved one is going to provide significant relief for them and you.

It will boost their confidence if they are out and about that they can get help at a push of a button. But you need to decide what happens with the button press, will it go through to you? Another member of your family? A friend?

Or you could choose for it to go to a monitoring centre. A monitoring centre will respond automatically to any alerts, and they will be able to use our care platform to locate your vulnerable loved one and activate emergency services if needed.

Monthly service with Centre monitoring –  £22.00 + VAT (if applicable)

With this service package, you will have an Alarm Centre, ready to respond, 24/7 to any fall, SOS activations or breach of safe zones.

With any fall detections, SOS alarm or safe zone alert, the alarm centre will call your loved one through their personal alarm which has hands-free, two-way voice calling as standard. From there, they’ll be able to assess your vulnerable loved one’s situation and if needed they’ll activate emergency services.

They can direct help to your loved ones by accessing IntelliCare and viewing you’re their exact location, or simply direct them home if they are lost.

Monthly service package with self monitoring – £16.00 + VAT (if applicable)

Self-monitoring is based on individual configuration as to what happens when an SOS is activated, or a fall is detected.

Any SOS activations (including fall detections) will generate a call to you or a designated contact for you to check they are safe and well. We can arrange for an alert to go simultaneously to multiple members of your loved one’s care circle, so they remain informed. These can be sent by SMS or email and will also include a link to their location at the time of the event.

Safe Zones “breaches” will be sent via an alert, again, via SMS or email, depending on the preferences laid out.

Reminder: With either option, you have access to our care platform, IntelliCare™ so you can be notified of any alerts.

What is IntelliCare™?

When you purchase an Oysta personal alarm, you can opt to have access to IntelliCare™. IntelliCare is a smart cloud-based platform that shows your vulnerable loved one’s activity in a secure dashboard.

You can log in via your phone or internet browser at any time and see a real-time reflection of your loved one’s activity and location. You can see if they have been moving less/more than usual and when they are out, you are able to zoom in and see exactly what road they are on or if they are simply at home.

From within IntelliCare, safe zones (a highlighted radius on a map) can be configured so that you also receive a notification if they leave their normal zone of activity, e.g. if you have a wandering loved one, you’d be notified if they go outside that zone, you could then locate them and call them through their personal alarm to check they are okay or help direct them home.

Even if you opt for the monitoring service, you will receive notifications if your VIP:

  • Activates the SOS button
  • Has a fall (subject to the personal alarm)
  • Has left their safe zone
  • Is outside in cold weather or out after dark
  • Needs to charge their device.

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VAT Exempt?

Our prices exclude VAT If you’re disabled or have a long-term illness, you won’t be charged VAT on our products that are designed for your own personal or domestic use.

Terms and Conditions

We draw your attention to the Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy. Your contract with us is on a rolling monthly basis with a minimum term of 12 months.

Personal Devices that can act as phones with high quality microphones and speakers and a high-grade GPS locator include a bundle of Voice minutes and Data GB within the monthly fee, which are subject to our fair use policy. We reserve the right to charge you extra if you exceed these monthly limits.