Keep vulnerable loved ones, safe at home, safe away from home with Oysta

24 hours a day. 7 days a week

The ones you care about are connected 24/7 providing reassurance as and when you need it. 

Anytime, anywhere

Whatever your lifestyle it works anywhere, in the house, in the garden, out and about all around the UK!

Best choice & expert advice

Our experts take care of everything. Our fully managed service means exactly that – we do it all.


Why are some devices and many normal mobile phones no good for supporting vulnerable people?

Because fundamentals must not be compromised, which is why we meet our Vital Basics. These devices do the trick, working with our software platform!

Oysta’s Vital Basics

Easy to use. For some vulnerable people, every use is a first-time use.

Hear & Be Heard. Personal Devices with loud speakers and sensitive microphones.  Many vulnerable people find it difficult to hear and speak loudly

Minimise False Alarms. Adjustable and effective fall detection.  Vulnerable people cannot be worried by alerts pinging off when there’s no problem

Location, Location, Location. Location that can be reliably found (meaning an extra powerful GPS module in the jargon!). We can draw a zone around any locations on a map and make it a “Safe Zone” – you’ll be alerted if someone wanders outside their safe zone at the wrong time of day.

Long life. Reliable battery life, with location switched on, in excess of 24 hours.

Device Status. Remote active monitoring of battery level, with low battery alert, sent to agents automatically

And by the way, our prices exclude VAT. If you’re disabled or have a long-term illness, you won’t be charged VAT on our products that are designed for your own personal or domestic use. Also, you won’t be charged VAT on the installation and any extra work needed as part of this. Please let us know if we should charge you VAT.


Postage to UK addresses only. £11.00 for up to 3 items per package. This charge will be added at checkout